UK Certificates

If you have any certificates that require certifying then please do get in touch. We do offer the service of certifying certificates for use in UK also � not all our work is for foreign countries. We are usually get asked to certify copies of people�s educational certificates i.e degree certificates and transcripts � we also get asked to certify client�s identification documents, again we are happy to deal with this.

We can provide verified certified copies of educational certificates � we would need a signed Consent [which we can prepare and email for signature] and we can then accordingly apply direct to the issuing educational institution for verification. Timescales to vary in relation to receiving a response.

If verification is not required then we can simpy take a copy of your original certificate(s) and certify the copies as a true however we must also add the words �not verified� This certification can be done as soon as the original certificate(s) is received by us. We can make as many copies as you require.

If in doubt then the best option would be to verify.

We also offer translation services � if you have a certificate which was issued overseas and is in a foreign language then we do have translators who are able to translate into English. Once translation has been obtained the Notary can then prepare a notarised certificate to confirm that the translation is genuine � however please confirm with the recipient of the certificate that a notarised certificate confirming a genuine translation would be accepted by them.

Please contact me and I can let you know the cost of verification certifications and the approximate timescale.