Certificates Online

If you require your Educational Certificates to be notarised and verified for use overseas then there may be no requirement that we meet. We can deal with your requirements by email and/or telephone. I prefer to see emailed scans of the certificate(s) you require notarising. The original certificate(s) can then be posted/couriered direct to my office.

It is very helpful for a signed Consent to also be provided - which I can prepare and email to you, for dating and signing. If I am to be able to verify that your original Certification is indeed Genuine, then many issuing Authorities, Schools, Universities etc, require that I provide them with your consent, before they will answer my enquiries or deal with me at all as your agent. Once you have signed the Consent you can post it or usually just email a scan of it back to me.

I require clear instructions: - To which Country will you be submitting the notarised and verified copies of your certificate(s and also will any further legalisation be required i.e Apostille and/or Consulate stamps. Each country has their own requirements, if you do not know the guidance for the country you require your documents for then please do get in touch and I can advise accordingly.

There are two kinds of notarisations we can give on your certificates. The first notarisation we can give is to take a copy of your original certificate(s) and notarise it as a �true copy of the original� � however we must also add the words �not verified� � this notarisation can be done as soon as the original certificate(s) is received by me.

Secondly, we can write on your original certificate, or on a copy of it, that the certificate(s) �is genuine as we have verified� In order to give this notarisation we would need to contact the educational institution who has issued the certificate(s) to confirm authenticity.

Timescales do vary in relation to receiving a response � each university/educational institution have their own timescales for responding.

Please do contact us for further information � we are very happy to advise/assist where possible.