First Female Notaries in Saudi Arabia

Just a few weeks after Saudi Arabia has enabled women to drive on public roads, another milestone for women as the first twelve female Notaries have been licensed. Link here

New Rules for legalisation with The People's Republic of China

For any private matters then the holder of the document is required to provide a photocopy of his/her valid ID (e.g passport or Driving Licence) please note the name on the official ID copy produced must be exactly the same as the document(s) which requires notarising - any discrepancy i.e middle name(s) not shown then the document(s) will be rejected.

Please speak further with us should you require full detail.

Also in relation to commercial documents then it is a requirement of the embassy that the legal representative's passport along with a company house document which shows the legal status of the company and of its representative be produced - again all names need to be present and correct - again please contact us if you require further information.


Consular Legalisation now requires that your documents are written in Spanish. Or are accompanied by a Notarised and Stamped Translation. More details in my Blog of May 10th 2017

Fees Changes at the UAE Consulate

The United Arab Emirates Embassy has reduced their legalisation fees as below:

Private documents: £33.00

Company documents: £440.00

The Embassy fees will now change on a monthly basis

New Legalisation Fees - Indonesia

Commercial Contracts - £115
Personal Documents - £25

All other fees and charges remain the same

UAE Consulate Changes - Educational documents

The UAE have changed their requirements in respect of educational certificates with immediate effect.

The change is that all educational certificates have to be notarised on the reverse page of the document itself. The Apostille stamp also now needs to be issued on the reverse page.

All notarisations have to be carried out on the original or a copy of the certificate before the consulate will proceed to legalise. No bundling will be allowed. No separate notarial certificate will be allowed. If you require your copy/original Degree Certificate and relating Transcript then these need to be notarised and apostilled as separate documents.

UAE Consular Authentication Fees increase

Please note as at 01st August 2016 the UAE embassy fee for authentication of personal documents increased from £30.00 to £37.50 and the commercial document fee has increased from £400 per document to £500 per document. Also please note that should more than 2 commercial documents be submitted at the same time (i.e. exceeding £1,000), additional postal order fees apply according to the number of documents/value exceeding.

Embassy of the State of Qatar

Please note that as of 1st June 2016 all qualification certificate holders of the following Degrees: Diploma, BSc, M.A and Phd issued outside of the State of Qatar which need to be attested will now need to be supported by further documents:

  • Certificate/Diploma
  • Supporting Transcript
  • A cover letter from the issuing Educational provider confirming ALL the points below:
  • The qualification/certificate's authenticity
  • The mode of study and the type of study: whether full-time/part-time or distance learning (E-Learning)/proximate learning (face to face learning)
  • The place of study and the place of the examinations held
  • The awarded title of the issued diploma i.e Degree
  • (BA.BSc) Masters or Doctorate program
  • The duration of the course studied
  • The actual dates of study (start date and the end date)

All three items now need to be attested first by Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)

Please note that any certificate obtained via distance learning or an online program will not be accepted for attesting as this is not in line with the rules of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha.

Three Countries join the 1961 Hague Convention

Before the end of August 2016, Chile, Brazil and Morocco will be full members of the Convention.

This means that the previous/present requirement for a Consular stamp after obtaining Apostille to my certificate is abandoned.

Expensive change to UAE Stamp fees for Corporates

As of 18th May 2016, Memorandum and Articles of Association are required to be notarised and Apostilled separately for submission at the UAE consular section and the fee of £400 applies for each document.

Please note that, only Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Incorporation on change of name (related to the same company) and degree certificates with transcripts (related to the same course and individual) are acceptable as one document under one notarial certificate and Apostille.

Chile has ratified the Hague Convention of 1961

As from 1st September 2016 it will no longer be necessary to further legalise Notarial Certificates at the Consulate of Chile. The Foreign and Commonwealth Apostille will be all that is necessary.


Please note that with effect from October 31 2015, Tajikistan has now signed the 5th October 1961 Hague Convention.

Whilst in intention adoption of the Convention abolishes the need for embassy legalisation, so that an Apostille only is required, this perhaps remains to be seen.

Kosovo signs Hague Convention

As from 06 November 2015 the latest signatory country to The Hague Convention of 1961 is Kosovo [also known as the Republic of Kosova]

This should be of assistance to citizens of the Republic signing abroad, especially if they are in any of the many Countries which do not recognise the legitimacy of Kosovo and do not host their Consulate

For more details give us a call.

University Degrees - Notary Certification

We are now able to verify student's academic certificates in most Universities in the Philippines and Malaysia. For a full list of the Universities or if you have a query, then please contact

The Indian High Commission

With effect from 2nd March 2015, applicants for consular services are required to make an appointment prior to submit their applications at the designated Indian Visa and Consular Services Centres (IVCSC) operated by M/s VF Service UK Ltd. Please contact me for further details.

The Bolivian Consulate

The Bolivian now have different fees for each type of documents. The turnaround time is 1 week. Documents can only be lodged and collected on Thursdays. Please contact me for further details.

The Taiwan Consulate

The Taipei Representative Office in the UK (Taiwan), as of 30th April 2015, require the owner of the document, whether private or commercial, to issue a separate letter of authorisation to the Agent to legalise the document on their behalf. The letter must include the expiration period and has to be notarised and submitted with the document for legalisation - copy is accepted. A new application form has been created and must be used also. I can deal with all of this for you.

The Saudi Arabia Consulate

As of 1st June 2015, the Consulate requires copies of the signatory/ies passport/s if other than Saudi Arabian nationals for Powers of Attorney and Authorisations of Agent only. For signatory/ies of Saudi Arabian nationality, your ID number/s need(s) to be provided.

Again, I can deal with all of this on your behalf as required.

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