UK Birth/Death and Marriage Certificates

We offer the service of notarising and legalising GRO Certificates. Please note however that the Foreign Office will not place an Apostille onto a photocopy of a GRO certificate. This is because the certificates are subject to Copyright Laws and original certified copies must be used every time. If you require legalisation stamps upon a UK Birth/Death or Marriage Certificate you have the option of forwarding to me an original certified copy of the said certificate or alternatively let me have full details and I can obtain an original certified copy direct from the GRO Registry. If we are to obtain the certificate(s) directly from the GRO office then this would also enable the option of us notarising the certificate as genuine as we have obtained the certificate ourselves.

There are two types of service the GRO offers � the first being for around �10.00 which can take up to 3 weeks to be received by us and the second option would be a more expedited process however please note this does cost slightly more at �24.00 approx. but should be with us within 48 hours. Any GRO certificate can be purchased by any individual as these certificates are �public records� and can be accessed by anyone. However as we say, if we buy them ourselves we are immediately certain that they are genuine.

The only other point to mention is that we can obtain an Apostille and/or consulate stamps directly onto the Marriage, Birth or Death Certificate(s) without any notary intervention � in this scenario the Apostille/Consulate stamps would be against the signing Registrar stated on the certificate in question. If in doubt we would suggest that a Notarial Certification is usually the one to go for. If this is a service you require then please contact me and we can discuss further as to the options and timescales etc...